About me

Hello there, I’m May

I’m a 22 year old journalist and minimalist from Brussels with a passion for anything related to minimalism and intentional living. I’m very, very excited to share the little and big things with you as I discover all things beautiful in life. You can also find my journalism work on this blog under the ‘press’ tab. However, most of it is in Dutch.

About a year ago, I gained interest in minimalism, because I got very overwhelmed by stuff and a busy schedule.

At home I love to keep things simple and cosy. I always attempt to create that Scandinavian hygge feeling and hope that this blog might add that little bit of coziness to your day as well. So grab a cup of tea and a blanket, light a candle and enjoy my little place on the internet.

I hope you have a lovely day



© Tjorven Boucher for Libelle België

© Tjorven Boucher for Libelle Belgium

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