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Why and how I simplified my eating habits

Imagine getting to eat your favorite food every single day. How wonderful would that be? You know, those meals that you look forward to all week while making your way through the fridge that’s filled with things you don’t actually enjoy?

A while ago, I decided to change up my eating habits. Grocery shopping caused me a huge amount of anxiety. To the point where being in a grocery store was literally exhausting and overwhelming. I hated having to make decisions about my food every single day. ‘What do you want to eat tonight?’ was always followed by ‘I don’t know’. I ended up browsing through the whole supermarket and ended up eating the same pasta again. I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t have a list and I didn’t know what I craved or would enjoy.

When my (then) boyfriend and I moved in together I proposed to make a mealplan for the week. So we sat down and each came up with some meals that we could make for that week. Green curry, vegan mac and cheese, ramen noodles… We basically made a list of our all favorite foods.

One of the most annoying questions you can ask me when I get home from work?: ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’

After we decided on our ‘menu’, I wrote down a grocery list with all the items we would need to buy. We went to the grocery store and it was so so relieving to not have to think about every decision. Should we get tomatoes? No, they’re not on the list. That week, the only decision we had to make was which meal we would have which day. I didn’t want to decide on set dates, because I think it’s still important to be able to eat something you are craving that evening.

From then on, I started a file with all of my favorite recipes in it. Now on sunday I just have to decide which 7 dishes I want to cook the following week and write down the ingredients for those. This has saved me so much time and stress.

I also have way less cravings, because I know that when I get home, I will have all the ingredients to make one of my favorite meals.

I recently also cut out meat completely and went vegetarian. When I’m at home I try to cook as many vegan meals as I can, but when I am out I do still eat eggs and dairy. I’ve followed a vegetarian diet for about two years in the past, so it’s not that hard for me to cut out meat. Cheese on the other hand…Minimalism has had a huge impact on this as well. The more I got into minimalism, the more interest I grew for sustainablity and the impact of our behavior and habits on our planet. Simplifying what I eat and cutting out meat makes me feel way better. Watching documentaries about the impact of the meat industry on our planet is definitely eye-opening.

Have you simplified your diet? Let me know in the comments below!






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