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Minimalist and sustainable gift guide 2018

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Christmas is coming and you might be stressed about buying the perfect gift for everyone. We all know Christmas is not all about the gifts, but for a lot of people it’s part of the holidays. I’m a huge fan of giving people experiences: a nice dinner, a trip, grabbing a coffee together, a cooking class etc., but I understand that sometimes it’s nice to give someone a special, physical item. This gift guide might give you some ideas for minimalist and sustainable presents.

Full disclosure: this blogpost IS NOT sponsored in any way. These are just brands I personally love and support.

Lovely Day Botanicals

© Lovely Day Botanicals

I recently discovered the webshop Lovely Day Botanicals. They offer a variety of natural, vegan and cruelty-free make-up and skincare. I haven’t ordered from them yet, but have a few items on my own wishlist. This website is perfect for the intentional beauty lover in your life. Are you not sure which products to get? Make a little baskets with their sample size products or buy a gift card from them.


The skincare brand Cîme is one of my favorite natural brands. It’s Brussels based so very local in my case. What I love about their products is that most of them can be used in various ways. I use the dry oil on my legs and in my hair for example. This limits the amount of products in your bathroom cupboard. The products are affordable, but high quality, which makes them the perfect gift.


This gift can be considered an experience, but I wanted to include it in this gift guide anyway. Skillshare is a platform that offers a broad variety of online courses. It’s like an educational version of YouTube. Anyone can benefit from a Skillshare subscription, because it has classes on almost every subject.


© Norrfolks

Norrfolks is one of my favorite discoveries of 2018. This lovely jewelry brand makes minimal, sustainable jewelry with reclaimed gold and lab-grown diamonds. I own their tiny diamond ring in white gold and couldn’t be happier with the quality. The brand avoids the ethical and environmental conflicts involved with diamond mining by growing their diamonds in a lab. The diamonds are as ‘real’ as traditional diamonds, but without the environmental impact.

© Norrfolks

“Our lab-grown diamonds emit 1.5 billion times less carbon per carat production than mined-diamonds, resulting in as little as zero emissions.” – Norrfolks

Simple matters

My favorite blogger and inspiration, Jenny Mustard, wrote a book this year! I highly recommend her beautiful coffee table book to anyone interested in intentional living and minimalism. Simple matters is a collection of essays and stunning pictures.

Organic Basics

© Organic Basics

Underwear is a classic Christmas present in my opinion. Make it sustainable by buying it from Organic Basics, a sustainable Danish brand. They sell basic underwear in organic cotton. Save 20% during the holidays with their Christmas packs.

Tip: Make an online wishlist that you can share with your family and friends. If they are going to buy you a present, they might as well pick something you will actually enjoy.

Happy holidays!



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