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How to stop hating Mondays

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Oh man, Mondays, you hate ‘em or you love em. Sure, it’s easy to say ‘new week, new start’, but it’s also really tempting to snooze your alarm just once more. I usually get a bit anxious and overwhelmed on Sunday evening when realizing I will have to get into action again tomorrow morning, but here is how I deal with it.

To me, a cluttered home means a cluttered mind. My home is a space in which I want to feel relaxed and that means it has to be clean and tidy. I make sure to do the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping during the weekend. Coming home after a day at the office to a pile of laundry and having nothing to eat in your fridge is not a kick start to your week. Let’s get the annoying tasks out of the way.

Now that all your clothes are clean and nicely folded in your closet, it’s so easy to pick an outfit you feel beautiful and good in when Monday morning comes around. No better start to your week than putting on a badass outfit.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to let everything pile up untill the weekend arrives. Cleaning 15 minutes everyday will make a huge difference. And what about doing the dishes right after you finish your meal? It’s way easier to do those little tasks one by one than letting them pile up. You do want to have some time to do fun things on the weekend after all!

The weekend is a perfect time to treat yourself, but don’t forget to schedule in some me-time during your busy week as well. Don’t minimize on self-care! Scheduele a day where you will do an extra beauty routine, paint your nails, put on a face mask and drink some tea. Whatever makes you feel more beautiful. Feeling good is the best way to start a new week – or any day really -.

Having some healthy snacks around will brighten up your day and will stop you from going to the mcdonalds drive-through after work.

Another thing I find important is healthy food. Try to meal prep on the weekends or at least go grocery shopping. Nothing worse that coming home hangry to an empty fridge. Having some healthy snacks around will brighten up your day and will stop you from going to the mcdonalds drive-through after work. Making a mealplan and rotating between my all-time favorite meals is what keeps my eating habits simple. You have one less thing to worry about when you know exactly what’s for dinner tonight. Knowing all the things you need are waiting for you in the fridge when you come home will give you all the peace of mind you need.

Last but not least, plan something fun. Try to plan out your week on the weekends, so you know what is ahead of you, but don’t forget to put something fun on that calendar. A date night with your boyfriend or drinks on tuesday with the girls? Having something to look forward to will make those Monday blues go away in a second!

I hope these tips were helpful! Enjoy your Monday!



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