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How to kick-start your year

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2017 is almost over. Whether it’s been an amazing or not so amazing year for you, it’s time to get ready for the new one! This year I want to work harder, make more content and be more positive. What about you? Let’s kick-start 2018 together! (with donuts, maybe?)

Even though I think it’s GREAT to think about what you want in life and how you will achieve it, I’m not a big believer in new year’s resolutions. ‘New year, new me’, just never really worked out for me. Instead, I prefer to reflect on the past year and think about who I want to be around this time next year. Setting a goal is only a tiny bit different from making New Year’s resolutions, but it makes all the difference to me. Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym 5 times a week this year, I prefer to set the goal to be healthier and happier, inside and out this year or within the next three years. This doesn’t only include working out. It’s drinking more water, eating less McDonalds, making time for yourself etc. This might sound vage, but this way you give yourself the space to come up with a new routine, instead of focussing on how many times you have to work out this week. If you are someone that needs those specific resolutions to actually achieve your goals however, this might not work for you.

We all love sparkles, but do we really need another sequin cocktail dress?

Everyone tries to start their new routine on January first, while most people are -let’s be real- hungover on the first day of the new year. Why wait until that one specific day? Start NOW, so you can end 2017 in a positive way and kick-start your new routine, before you have to drink all that champagne!

It’s a bit like when you leave your apartment before going on vacation. You are so excited about your trip and the last thing you want to do is clean your house before you leave, but MAN does it feel good to come home to a clean space. It’s the same with the new year. Declutter and clean your space NOW and start the year fresh!

By the way, what’s up with all those glitter dresses in the stores EVERY SINGLE YEAR around New Year’s. Of course, we all love sparkles, but do we really need another sequin cocktail dress? Try to define your personal style this year. Before the end of the year, take a look at your closet: what colors do you like to wear? Which clothes make you feel the most beautiful? Create a Pinterest inspiration board, flick through some magazines and think about how you want to look this year. When another party comes up, you won’t feel the need to run to the store to squeeze yourself into another tight dress, because you already have some items in your closet that you love. Maybe you’re more of a suit kinda gal and that’s okay!

Last but not least, reflect on the past year and also face the negative moments. What or who made you unhappy this year? Leave them in 2017. You are who you surround yourself with. You don’t have to be a bitch about it, but it’s okay to let go of some friendships or things that make you feel bad.

I hope you have a lovely 2018 and got inspired to kick-start it! Thank you so much for the support this past year. I’m excited to blog even more in 2018. I’m also thinking about starting a YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments if you would like that and what content you would love to see from me in 2018.

I hope you have the best year,


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