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How I got started with minimalism

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My minimalism journey started when I had over three months of summer break. Three months! Sure, having that much free time is fun and all, but what do you do when you have worked your butt off the entire year and suddenly end up in this sea of free time? So I found myself doing one of the things I love to do to pass time: watching YouTube videos all day.

I got more and more into minimalism and self-improvement videos and decided it was time to make a change. I ordered Marie Kondo’s ‘life changing magic of tidying up’. What else do you do if you want to simplify your life and declutter your whole house, right?

I put all my clothes in a huge pile on the floor as Marie told me to, while I was watching some other girl on YouTube do the same thing. ‘Does this item spark joy?’ is the question Kondo wants you to ask yourself while looking at all your items (one at a time). ‘Does this sweater spark joy?’ At first, it felt so silly. But OH MAN once I got into it, it truly was life changing.

While looking at these items I realized that a lot of them didn’t fit my style anymore. I didn’t look forward to wearing those pieces, yet they were taking up space in my rather small closet. I discarded a lot of items at once. The items I didn’t want to keep, went into the donate pile or the garbage pile and some in the maybe pile. I put the clothes from the maybe pile in a box and revisited them 2 months later. I ended up throwing them all out. The items that I did decide to keep went back into my closet, that suddenly didn’t look that small anymore. From then on I stopped wasting precious time in the morning on ‘having nothing to wear’, because all the clothes that made it back into that closet are pieces that I truly love. THIS FEELS SO LOVELY!

‘Does this sweater spark joy?’ At first, it felt so silly. But once I got into it, it truly was life changing.

After decluttering my closet, I went on with the Konmari method and decluttered all my other stuff by category, from electronics to make-up to kitchen supplies. The most magical thing about this process is that it gets easier, more fun and almost addictive. You can feel your spirit being lifted by getting rid of all the stuff you don’t really love that was taking up space in your life. I also learned so much about myself during this process, because what you decide to throw away and keep tells you more about yourself than you would expect. Getting rid of a birthday card you received from a toxic friend you cut out of your life can feel SO SO good. While keeping your fluffy old Christmas sweater might make you smile ear to ear.

I also discovered more about my personal style during this process. Almost all the items I decided the keep were black, white or gray and I love it. All the items go well together and I have so many more outfit options with less clothes. It’s MAGIC. Don’t get me wrong, if flower prints and bright yellow sweaters bring you joy, keep them by all means! But I definitely discovered my color palette during the decluttering proces.

After a while, I started to realise that decluttering was only the beginning of this whole lifestyle change. I started to incorporate minimalism into other areas of my life as well. I became more conscious of the environment and the amount of waste we produce. Even my way of eating changed. Overall I just thing about important things more and find it easier to let go of superficial things and the opinions of other people.

I appreciate little luxuries, like spending quality time with my boyfriend, drinking some tea and cuddling up in a blanket, a nice homecooked meal.  The physical decluttering was only the beginning and sparked something in me.

Changing your whole lifestyle is a process, but I have never regretted adopting a more minimalist lifestyle and I don’t think I ever will.

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