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What to buy a minimalist?

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Maybe someone in your life recently got into minimalism, or they have always been someone that’s not really interested in STUFF, but you really want to give them something special. What do you get someone who doesn’t necessarily want anything? Hopefully this ‘Minimalist Gift Guide’ gives you some inspo!

A subscription service

A subscription service doesn’t take up any space and can be very useful. Think about Netflix, Spotify, online courses or their favorite magazine. A subscription is the gift that keeps on giving.

An experience

This one is quite obvious. If they don’t want stuff, you can gift them a lovely memory. Buy a concert ticket, a fancy cooking class, a weekend away, a workshop or any other activity they would love. This will be appreciated for sure!

That one special thing

Everyone, even the minimalist in your life, has their eye on that special something they would never buy for themselves. A beautiful gold necklace, a specific perfume or that luxury lipstick? If they are a book lover but are sick of all those books piling up, you can consider getting them a Kindle. Ask them if there is anything special they would really love or (even better) pay close attention to the things they mention in conversations.

Something edible

Everyone needs food, right? Maybe the person you’re buying for loves a special kind of spices, a more expensive matcha tea or anything like that. You can also make something homemade, like some yummie granola.

A special day

Taking time out of your busy week to spend time with a loved one, might be the best gift ever. Plan a fun day for that special person. Take them to a fun new coffeeshop, cook a lovely dinner for them or go watch that movie they would really like to see.

Hopefully these tips helped you figure out the perfect gift!

Happy Holidays,


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