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How to find your personal style

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Since becoming a minimalist, I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style and how to find it. Obviously, you’re style will change throughout your entire life, but I feel like I’m at a comfortable point with my style right now.

The first thing to do when trying to discover your personal style, is going through what you already have and declutter. Decide which items you feel good in and want to keep and ask yourself some questions. Why do you feel good in this outfit? What are common themes in your wardrobe? Maybe you like soft textures. Do you wear a lot of patterns or none at all?

Afterwards it’s time to get inspired. Look for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and create a mood board with styles you like. Pin everything that draws your attention. Or get out the scissors and glue and flick through some old magazines. Put your mood board up on your wardrobe, so you always have inspiration around you.

Here again, look for common themes. Did you pin five different pictures of a grey coat? Then maybe that is the piece you are missing in your closet. However, keep things realistic. It’s not because it looks good on Pinterest or Instagram that it fits you and your lifestyle. Try to stay honest and realistic with yourself.

Are you curious about my moodboard? Take a look here.

It’s not because it looks good on Pinterest or Instagram that it fits you and your lifestyle.

When looking at your mood board, try to pay attention to recurring colors. These can form the basis of your personal color palette. I personaly love wearing neutrals, like black, white, grey and blush. You could prefer totally different colors and that’s fine too. It’s all about discovering what fits you. If you stick to a color palette, it’s way easier to combine different pieces from your wardrobe and get the most wear out of them.

Patterns can be fun as well, but they can also get boring real fast. I prefer classic prints, like stripes, dots or subtile animal print, because they never go out of style.

Another thing that is really important is texture and fabric. Clothes touch your skin all day, so look for high quality fabrics that you like the feel of. Combining different fabrics can also elevate your look. How about a cosy, knit sweater combined with a leather skirt? The only way to find out what does and doesn’t work for you is experimenting. Options are endless and there are no rules when it comes to personal style.

Even though I don’t think you should focus on this, for some people it can be helpful to define your style. Pick a few words that best describe your style. This can make it easier to curate your closet and focus on what you want your clothes to expres. If you are a bohemian, romantic kinda gal, maybe you don’t need that black leather skirt.

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